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3 Advantages of Having a Home Security Alarm System in Sonoma County

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Installing a home alarm system is a fantastic way to protect you and your family while you are either in your home or away from it. If you are concerned about defending your home against burglars, an alarm system offers many benefits that are simply not attainable without one. Here are 3 advantages of having a home security alarm system in Sonoma County.

Most burglars will not come near a home that has an alarm system

When burglars or intruders see that you have installed an alarm system in your home, they will tend to avoid it since they fear the system might go off before they can flee or even enter. If you use yard signs and window stickers to show that your home is equipped with an alarm system, you are already half way there.

The cost of a burglary is less than the cost of installing a home alarm system

When burglars manage to get into a home that has no alarm system, they can steal property of high value within a very brief period; not to mention the danger it can put you and your family in. The price of home security alarm systems in Sonoma County is extremely low compared to the potential damages of a burglary. You can get an affordable alarm system that will offer all the security needs that your family and property deserve.

Help will be on the way

The chances of a burglary taking place when someone is at home are higher than many people think. In the event of a home invasion, an alarm system sound will give you the warning you need to get to a safe area within your home and call for help. At the same time, the alarm will ensure that help is dispatched to your home right away. Additionally, the noise of an alarm system going off will alert neighbors and people nearby that something is wrong.

All-Star Alarm is Here for You

All-Star Alarm offers 24/7 monitored protection for about $1 per day, a 3-year warranty on parts and labor, and UL-approved central station partners for quality monitoring. For more information about our alarm security systems in Sonoma County, please get in touch with our All-Star Alarm team at 707-528-4004 or contact us online.

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