Advantages of Business Security Systems in Sonoma County

Advantages of Business Security Systems in Sonoma County

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24-Hour Coverage

Keeping your business safe day and night means having someone watching your security setup even when you can’t. Available monitored business security systems in Sonoma County work by setting certain contact points, such as windows and doors, as delayed triggers and others as instant triggers. If the correct security code is not entered into the control panel after a set amount of time (most systems use 30-60 seconds from a specified door opening), the alarm will sound. Certain contact points, such as windows, trigger an immediate alarm since the person entering likely is an intruder.

Crime Deterrence

Having a monitored security system installed in your business is a great way to reduce the chances of a burglary and get a faster police response in the event of an attempted break-in. The presence of the security system itself can deter would-be burglars, as the possibility of a quick response time from law enforcement may lead potential burglars to pass over your business in favor of an easier target.

Automatic Police Notification

In the event an alarm on your property is triggered and in order to reduce false alarms, the monitoring representative will attempt to notify you before calling the police. If instructed by you to contact the authorities, representatives can do so within seconds, giving law enforcement all of the information needed to be on site quickly. If you are not available, the monitoring representative will still notify the police, protecting your business whether or not you are able to be reached by phone.

A monitored security system can cost as little as $1 per day and can be customized to fit your business’s needs. If you are interested in more information about business security systems in Sonoma County or would like to set up a consultation, give All-Star Alarm a call at 707-528-4004.

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