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Home Security Systems in Sonoma County

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Can You Assign a Number to the Worth of Home or Business Security?

How much is your home or business worth? How much is it worth to you?

Even if you don’t have any valuable physical assets, you should also consider any intellectual property of great worth that requires protection. In fact, most homes have a large mixture from both groups. So with this in mind, even the most conservative estimate for your home or business will likely still exceed several hundred-thousand dollars – wouldn’t it make sense to protect such a large investment?

A business must continue to grow, and well-maintained homes in decent neighborhoods are once again appreciating in value. When your salary increases, you tend to put a portion of that money into savings for rainy days – wouldn’t it make sense to put a percentage of this appreciating value toward protecting your assets?

With that in mind, you should ask yourself how much it’s worth to you on a daily basis to protect them. Are they worth a hundred dollars? Fifty? Ten? What if you could install and maintain home security systems in Sonoma County for as little as one dollar a day?

Affordable Home Security Systems in Sonoma County

As it turns out, a variety of home security systems can be acquired for around a dollar a day. Current features included at this affordable price include:

  • Home Intrusion and Fire Protection
  • Medical Alert Dispatch
  • 24-Hour Monitoring Rates for Police, Fire, and Medical
  • A Variety of Security Systems, Including Honeywell and Ademco

One organization that offers all of these features and more at only a dollar a day is All-Star Alarm.

All-Star Alarm

Owned and operated by a gentleman with twenty-three yearsof experience in installing and maintaining security systems, All-Star Alarm offers industry-standard alarms, top-tier customer service, and bonded, licensed, and insured services with a three-year parts and labor warranty on all new alarm installations.

Contact the experts of All-Star Alarm today at (707) 528-4004 to begin protecting your home or business assets for only a dollar a day.

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