Looking for the Best Alarm Company in Santa Rosa?

Looking for the Best Alarm Company in Santa Rosa?

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If you are looking for the best alarm company in Santa Rosa, look no further than All-Star Alarm who will install the perfect alarm system for your home or business.

An alarm system is necessary for homes and businesses to alert you to unwanted intruders. We customize alarm systems to protect your family and property.


All-Star Alarm will monitor your home 24/7 for break-ins. This is the most effective way to prevent theft and vandalism. Burglars try to enter unoccupied residences to steal money and small items to be pawned or sold. They look for an easy entrance and exit, including open windows. Your doors and windows can be monitored for safety.

You can also be monitored for medical emergencies. This is necessary for elderly people and those with health issues. Our staff can arrange for an emergency medical dispatch at any time.

Fire is always a danger. You must have fire alarms in your home in various locations for safety. All-Star Alarm will notify the local fire department immediately when an alarm sounds.

You may never have a problem with theft or fire. Nevertheless, you can be assured with an alarm system that is there to protect you in an emergency. All-Star Alarm uses state-of-the-art technology to wire your home and stay in contact with you at all times.

Commercial buildings

Theft and vandalism are the most common problems with commercial buildings. Money and equipment are the major items burglars want to steal. They usually try to enter a business after hours to raid cash registers and safes.

Any business that takes in cash is targeted by experienced thieves. The money is most often used for drugs.

Family business

All-Star Alarm is a family-owned business and among the best alarm companies in Santa Rosa. Contact us at 707-528-4004 for more information on securing your home or business.

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